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New Year

Brightly wrapped gifts have all been given away,
The Christmas trees are withered and gray.
Twinkling lights are bundled and packed away,
While everyone waits for New Years Day.

Parties and laughter while many imbibe,
Singing Auld Lang Syne with an odd little vibe.
Some watch fireworks and others a parade,
As the fleeting moments flicker and fade.

I smile as I sit here and try to reflect
On this years memories I chose to collect.
The happy days spent with family and friend,
Bright early mornings and weary days end.

How blessed we all are to partake of this life,
How precious are friendships, how loving my wife.
So, as this year ends and a New Year does beckon,
It might have been better, but we survived it, I reckon.

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New Year