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~*Old,New Brighton*~

~*Old, New Brighton*~
Destination, Dingle
Take the curling stairs
Full down below
Steam driven train
Sooty smoke inhaled
Second class seat
Tickets please
Brakes loud squeal
Station platform
New Brighton pier
Punch and Judy
Want the toilet mam
Ice cream, lolly ice?
Deck chairs flat
Wooly cosies itchy
Square hankie knotted
Turn up kecks paddle
Dad on the ale
Fish and chips
Plastic tablecloth
What's knickerbocker
We nearly home yet
How longs that?
Shurrup moanin
What was that for
Don't be a sissy
I'm gonna runaway
Now get to sleep use
The bogey man
Under the great coat
The End

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~*Old,New Brighton*~