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“The Note”

He walked past her,
For the 3rd time.
She sat quietly,
In the back of the library,
Working on some anatomy home work.
She didn't notice the first 2-times,
He walked past her.
But on the 3rd time,
He stumbled,
When he got near her.
She looked up from her studies,
And tried to give him,
A comforting smile.
But after steadying himself,
On her table,
He scurried away,
Without ever letting,
His eyes meet,
Meet hers.
He knew he couldn't,
Walk up to her now.
Not after that circus act,
He had just preformed.
He had promised himself,
That the next time he saw her,
He would say something to her,
Just as long as it was,
Face to face.
But now,
He was at the other end of the room.
He could still see her,
And he liked that,
But he didn't know what to do now.
He could tell she was going to be there,
For a while,
Her head buried in her books.
He couldn't just stand there,
Staring at her.
So he decided to sit,
At one of the tables,
And gather his thoughts.
Just for the lack,
Of something to do,
He pulled out a piece of paper,
And started to write.
His head was filled with nothing,
But thoughts of her.
“I saw you from a distance,
You never did see me,
I think about you day and night,
You're always in my dreams”
He continued to write,
Professing his Love and her beauty,
In words.
When he was done,
He took the piece of paper,
And folded it in half.
And with that simple fold,
Of a page, he had a plan.
He stood up to check the logistics,
Of the route he was going to take.
Then he paused and studied her for a moment,
Her innocents shown in her face.
His nervousness in the nonstop tapping,
Of his fingers.
She looks from her books,
To her watch,
To check the time.
She's the only girl she knows,
Who wears one.
“It's getting late”,
She unknowingly says out loud.
She starts to gather,
Her papers and her books.
He starts to gather,
His confidence.
She darts around the library,
With her eyes.
He makes his push towards her,
With his note.
They both hear him,
Call her name.
She turns,
He turns,
To face the new voice,
That just entered the 2nd floor,
Of the library.
She is smiling,
Moving towards him.
He is stunned,
Confused by what's before him.
She kisses him lightly,
On the lips.
He starts to shake,
From hurt, shame and disgust.
She takes her hand,
And hits the button,
Elevator down,
1st floor.
He lets the note,
Slip from his hand,
On to the 2nd floor.
She pulls him closer,
As they get on the elevator.
He steps on the note,
As he heads for the stairs….
Tom Allen…12-30-2016…