The Unfairness Of Angels

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Crossing the borders of innocence

When I crossed the borders of innocence, i was 16  
I thought i knew a world that i'd hadn't seen
Me and the world had an uneasy relationship
But all this would be reconciled on a school trip
An Art trip to Amsterdam
Would erase the boy and paint a man
Painting silhouettes after dark
Amongst the autumn leafs in Vondelpark
shimmering shadows on the canals waters
And cafes that sold escapism in eighths and quarters
As we were led upon a path of 800yrs of art history
There was only one thing i wanted to see
Van Goghs sunflowers and Anne Franks diary
Was not on my curriculum itinerary
So it was, when everyone was at the Rijksmuseum
I planned my impending doom
Now i'd heard the stories i'd heard the tales
Of these windows that had many girls
And as i walked closer, i heard the tap tap tap
Like a wild animal about to head into a trap
I crossed bridges and crossed my heart
That i'd only look and not take part
As i stood at the foot of the maze
Narrow and guided by a red haze
An arms width from dream to dream
Of the most beautiful women i'd ever seen
Tap tap tap and beckoning fingers
Attached to models with perfect figures
Blondes, brunettes, red heads
Some standing naked, others laying on beds
Cubicles with curtains drawn
I'd swap all my art to have this drawn
And as i got lost within the narrow alleyways
Amongst those with moral delays
I caught the eye of girl, a magical stare
Pale skin and pert breasts and raven dark hair
Hypnotized, in a trance i took those steps of shame
And entered a place that would make me sane
Her accent, her touch, her direct way
Offered every desire, for a price to pay
Before i knew it those curtains were drawn
And everything happened so quick, too soon
Her hands touched me, she wrapped me
And for that brief moment of ecstasy
I crossed the boundaries of innocence
And in too a new inner sense
Of a boy passage to be a man
I'll never forget you, Amsterdam.



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Crossing the borders of innocence