ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Real ameriKKKan
How are you to be defined
Red hair, white skin and blue eyes,
Uncle Sam dressed in drag,
How closely you resemble your flag,

Viciously with lies you postulate
The identity politics of hate,
Clamoring about making ameriKKKa great via racist conspiritorial debate,

Obnoxious, petty, rude,
Pompous and boisterous,
Publicly you name call and cuss,
Only in smoke and mirrors you trust,

Will you be defined by money you claim to have or taxes left unpaid... Or to crimes you fail to confess, or by the women you molest,

Real ameriKKKans are not Red, Black, Yellow or Brown,
Real ameriKKKans don't want Muslims in their town,

Real ameriKKKans don't like Spanish speaking folks,
Real Americans make the Constitution into a joke,

Good old boys and bad ass dudes,
Real Americans wear white hoods And tote pitch forks, Manhattan, is their capital in New York... yee haa!

Where they meet their wives who work as escorts and nude centerfolds, pubic area spread wide as the ears of a beagle,

The status of first lady has fallen far from regale, more like a female beagle in heat, Pennsylvania avenue has turned into a kennel...

For rental... for billionaires only,
Real ameriKKKans loves their pets,
Build a wall of protest... Bitches!
Now... go tweet that!

Habib Abu Lateef

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