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Dont let others, get you down
Dont give others, the pleasure, of hurting you, and causing you to feel, hurt and frown

Dont let any other make you, sad
Stay upbeat, and positive, do not show any anger, or get mad

With some folks, your guard has to be kept up, sky high
When you feel, that their respect, admiration, and love, for you is nothing, and denied

When you feel, and sense the negative vibes, and energy, of another, who cares for you, very little
It is hard to feel strong, when you feel, very weak, wronged, and making you feel. Very brittle

Pat yourself on the back, and make yourself strong
Know, that GOD, loves you, and do your best to--POSITIVELY--HUM-- ALONG

By john d Jungers
10th of January 2017

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Dont let others, get you down