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Sailing To

Sailing To distant stars.
On sails of titanium strand.
Could be the answer to weekend memories.
Scattered thoughts and total recipes.
Your mind wonders to the truth.
And the pureness of heart.
Walks in and shows what life is all about.
So hungry for the word of god.
And resembles little strands in the fabric that sails us to eternity.
Sailing to the forward gates and never ending dreams that are farther than the minds eye.
Sailing to heaven on the wings and the prayers of our children our fathers and mothers.
Rest your soul in the Heavenly fathers hands.
You might get to see mansions and life will be grand.
And estates so beautiful your heart will burst with joy.
And the joy eternally is Gods to share as we grow old.
But old is not the same as long as we eternally love.
By the grace of God we go forth to see the answers.
As the wholeness of his creations show the fruit of his seed.
And he chose to love us by his Son our Jesus prince of peace.
Never bend down to serve nothing you can find his salvation holds you in.
The sails of Gold are soft and bend only to his will.
And the silver borders hold the threads together still.
Wonder if they see the eloquence in me.

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Sailing To