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January 15, 2016

Life interrupted my plans
Startled and unsettled there I was
Scared? Excited?
Not yet sure about all the
unanswered questions or the
mind that felt unprepared
Yet, search my heart,
Frightened it be, I see-
A missing piece that was
quite large and unbeknown

With that sleepless night
a silent wish made
I left a picture of that positive test
In the album on my phone
And then,
a prayer under my breath

Though, that following year
many uncommon heartaches filled
-Both prior and after this day-
I never knew THIS kind of love...
Funny, when we thought we knew
All (of love).

 And then, something even more strange..
That unbeknown hole in heart
being filled,
ever and so fast

One year ago
this prince came into my life
And, forever this prince stay

Every laugh, every cry
Every sacrifice, every smile
I am mom,
and you are mine

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January 15, 2016