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You were dead from sin and failure,
Since you did not know your Savior;
So you followed the ways of earth,
Because you did not know its worth.
You followed the ways of this world,
Where its ruler has plans unfurled;
Because Satan is a fooler,
Who happens to be the ruler.
This ruler will just disobey,
Causing people to go astray;
Refusing to honor and laud,
Allowing worship unto God.
All of us once lived amongst them,
And we know that He will condemn;
For craving a corrupt nature,
Rather than as a new creature.
We followed corrupt desires,
What our thought requires;
But the Lord is rich in His grace,
Willing to forgive and embrace.
We were dead for our failure,
Until meeting Christ as Savior;
So if you are faithful and true,
The kindness of God will save you.
The Lord has brought us back to life,
Helping us to cope with the strife;
And a position for a seat,
Up in Heaven beside His feet.
This is His generosity,
For our possibility;
And having faith in His kindness,
Without a spiritual blindness.
You had nothing to do with it,
With what you are to inherit;
And saved as a gift from God,
When confessing for being flawed.
God has made us for what we are,
Each one becomes a shining star;
A life that is filled with good deeds,
Helping others in having needs.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer

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