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A Fluke

Room 327

flesh and blood isn't everything

Having all of time and space

dream to nightmare


my "friend"


Now and forever

a Getaway

Round 2

gone to young


risking it all

Driving on a highway

told im kid

the art that is frowned upon

Coming out to my parents

Always Grey never black and white

Stuck in Solitude

One option out of millions

Looking for you

The world so cruel

The mask

The way I am

Just because

The happy one

Pain but Glory

Day 4

back on the bus

Breaking the addication

You are Caffiene

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Nasty brutal thing

Never become addicted

It’s the worst thing ever
Money wasted on things

Worse than that the withdrawal

It truly sucks when it has been a part of you for so long

All of a sudden you’re trying to boot it out

The drowsiness, headaches, and everything else

All come instead of the input during withdrawal

Truly sucks when you do it so many times but every time

You come crawling back to it

Like there is no tomorrow
You want to be in control of your life

Then there is this drug this stupid drug
That starts by taking over your brain

Then feeling the energy go through your shoulders

Down your arms to the tips of your fingers

Then back up to your shoulders then down
To the tips of your toes

The taste of carbonation in the caffeine

The amount one must take to get to that point

Depends on long and how often you taking it

Pills, coffee, pop, energy drinks, chocolate, espresso shots

Anything to work on getting that feeling




Then it’s gone

No matter who much you take you never get

Close to that feeling again

It only screws up your test scores

Makes you fail tests, essays and whatever

Else you need to focus

Realizing that’s why your grades

Always were so crappy

Knowing that was the cause

With dealing with withdrawal more in one tri

Than any other time in my life

But my grades prove that caffeine content

Does majorly affect your grades

Used to barely passing classes throughout the tri

To the tri with half and half in withdrawal on and off

My last grade has been a C with one or two B’s the rest A’s

Changing nothing else other than the caffeine content

The battle I have: do I drink it or withdrawal

The never-ending battle

Trying to quit during sports season

You get a lot faster if you don’t have caffeine

During a sports season


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Pain but Glory




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