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Room 327

flesh and blood isn't everything

Having all of time and space

dream to nightmare


my "friend"


Now and forever

a Getaway

Round 2

gone to young


risking it all

Driving on a highway

told im kid

the art that is frowned upon

Coming out to my parents

Always Grey never black and white

Stuck in Solitude

One option out of millions

Looking for you

The world so cruel

The mask

The way I am

Just because

The happy one

Pain but Glory

Day 4

back on the bus

Breaking the addication

You are Caffiene

A Single Man, Idol and Friend to Many RIP

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Seven years ago I started wearing a mask because that's when the bullying started. I continued to use that to my defense when the bullying continued to middle of sophomore year, a year later I am trying to get rid of the mask, and so my true self, day 2 was a extremely rough but I forced myself to not to revert to the mask. Not ready for the battle ahead but knowing to just take it a day at a time and God will help me through it. After day 1 on Saturday December 7th 1014 was my first day without realizing it that I was my true self it happened when I was helping for a retreat with the confirmation candidates. That retreat truly changed my life for the better I didn't even realize that I was being myself until Wednesday December 10th the day after I helped with a respect retreat for the freshman at my school. When you are at retreats it’s so much easier to be yourself than being yourself in the "real-world" everyday just wanting to put the mask on you can be happy and forget about the pain and be someone else who doesn't or ignores the pain and pushes it on or deflects the pain, but when I show my true self I all I can feel is the pain, nothing else. I try so hard to be happy and the way I am if I am if I wear the mask but with my true self. Every day is another day of pain and battling.

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The mask




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