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A poor man can not afford to pray
My thoughts within as I pen
Why is the world so against me today?
I cast my eyes upon beauty with pity
But she refused me anyway
Old familiar faces act as though
They never knew me, all I can say is
Death to the horse that threw me
in this unpredictable den
All I have left is beautiful dreams of yesteryear
But here comes present circumstances
trying to take them away through fear
A poor man can not afford to pray
My eyes are already so humbled
I can't see the light of day
O come take the anguish away O gentle wind
The turmoil without the struggles within
Caring eyes refuse to cry, mercy refuses to bent
Oh if but an ant would lent me his ear
If a bear would show himself to be a friend
It'd be a much brighter day
And maybe hell will shed a tear

Copyrights 2017
Robert Anthony James

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