ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Inauguration day 2017,
The answer to the poor discriminated against...
White mans prayers and dreams.

Hope you didn't miss this...
Their hero's words, his fingers and sometimes his full fist... he's grossly misogynistic,

He gets away with rape because of amerikkkan white-male privilege,
He makes Bill Cosby seem extremely moral and ultra-religious,

He has orangutan-like hair and lips,
He brags about having plenty of cash but apparently he doesn't have enough money to afford a decent hair cut or buy enough cloth to cover the junk in Malania's glove box or trunk,

This darkly demonic, oratorically bombastic, xenophobic, souless, maniacal vulturistic chump... Is now known as President Trump,

Specifically... linguistically he's horrifically crude, mean-spirited, diabolically pompous, obnoxiously and persistently rude... is the best way to describe this megalomaniacal dude,

For as little as a dollar his wife will disrobe before the entire world,

They have shown no relent'n since Clinton began mass incarceration,
A War upon the Black and Brown male youth of this nation,

Step aside and throw open the jail house doors... as the devils makes room for more,

If you can survive being ganged and gunned down defenseless on urban streets or beaten to death on your neighborhood precinct floor,
Then young mister super-predator they got jail cells galore,

Inmates on New Millennium Plantations doing time and providing Constitutionally sanctioned free labor,

As the Fiendishly Megalomaniacal POTUS keeps his promise to restore jobs to rural white communities... by sealing you away in upstate penitentiaries.

He says he's for law and order and building a wall at the Mexican border,

That's a tall order but he says he'll get it done with more cops and more guns,

He'll clean up crime and bring back the good old days and good old ways,

Of Jim Crow and Sundown Towns when darkies new their places,
When we could dine out or take in a show not having to see their faces.

Making ameriKKKa great... Through the reign of white supremacist hate,

His administration promises job openings for police, prison guards, prison building contractors, jobs in the construction trades, jobs for military personnel, munitions and weapons manufacturing jobs, emergency medical trauma specialist, funeral directors, ambulance drivers and grave diggers.

We must all join together with our president in making ameriKKKa great again.


Habib Abu Lateef


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