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It's All In  A Word

He rode into town naked
As the day he was born
Not a sensible thing
On a brisk winters morn.
The sheriff quickly saved him
From that frosty hell
Wrapped him in a blanket
Threw him into a cell.

His defence was simple.
He'd done as he was told
In spite of the snow
And the biting cold.
He stood before the judge
As they called his name
Then told his story
Without any shame.

I listen to the boss
Hear what he say
The Missus is in charge
Whenever I'm away.
She's call me to the house
Tell me to undress
I remember the bosses words
And do it uI confess.

 Smiling she standing there
Just in her nighty gown
And then she say Pedro
Now you go to town.
So here I am
As she say
'Cos she in charge
When the boss away.

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It`s All In A Word