The Unfairness Of Angels

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The tape was peeling from the photo on the wall
Of his Son, his wife, a time when he had it all
The faded blue walls matches his sons eyes
Head in hands, on his bunk he cried
The snores above, are his only company
Along with the other lost souls in the State Penitentiary

Counting days was like cards. Numbers he knew
He lost everything due to numbers, this was true
At the time of when the photo was taken
The demon inside had barely awaken
He reaches out, takes the photo
And looks at what he lost, at the casino

Stress at work due to possible redundancy
All he could think about was his family
How would he cope, he had bills to pay
Every night at dinner he meant to say
"Love, I have some bad news to tell"
But he said nothing, he kept it hidden very well

As time went on, with less time to think
Rationality was soon swapped for drink
And as the bars were closing, and he sat alone
He simply couldn't bare to go home
There was only one place open late
The place that would seal his fate!

The guys at work would talk to him
About making money "a sure win"
He saw them come in once in a while
With a wad of cash and a broad smile
He took out a 100 from the ATM
He told himself he'd go once, but never again!

Welcomed with a free drink and beautiful girls
He gleefully accepted the free cocktails
The flashing machines and sounds of coins
Falling into the laps of erected loins
So many tables, so many choices, but which one?
To play and win and get 21?

Ironically, he was called jack and was black
And soon around him the chips did stack
The 100 was now 500, and soon 600 chips
He could taste excitement on his lips
The temptation to have one more hand
Was a feeling he could never understand

The gravity pull, the black hole of need
If the urge was living it would surely bleed
For that one second the 10 and the ace
He had found solace and his answer in this place
He bet the lot in one hand. His chips now empty
Until he was dealt two queens! YES! 20!!

He cashed his chips and went home
But now the seed was sadly sown
His wife asleep, his son too
He slept well that night, for now he knew
It seemed so easy, he do the same tomorrow
He'd make 100 again, grow and grow

He bought his wife a new dress and his son a bike
He told his wife he got ‘a pay rise, so have what you like'
The after work drinks in the bar, soon demised
Why drink in bars? When there's a bigger prize?
He soon knew the cashiers, the girls the staff
He'd stop and say hello, and share a laugh

The cards at times weren't that kind
He'd soon change that, just needed more money to find
One night after hearing about his redundancy
He went to the ATM and took out all his money
If he could make just make this at least double
He'd have a few months out of trouble

But it was double that was being dealt
It was though, he left his chips by a fire, as they did melt
The tower that once was, was now a small pile
And soon it was nothing, after a short while
Now with no money and no job soon
His thoughts soon played a different tune

That night, back home he slept down downstairs
His wife became suspicious ‘was it affairs?"
Soon she'd see the money from the account gone
How could this plan have gone so wrong?
He needed to get that money back and more
He thought he knew a way for sure

At work they had a safe at the back
He'd play roulette and play the black
Madness and desperation, in his head
He'd take all the money, and play some red
Either way he'd win and then he could begin
To play his best ever game and win

At this point adrenaline kicks in
Nothing else matters now, just the spin
He could hardly breath, so tight was his chest
keep calm, keep calm, let luck to the rest
5000 of works money now in a spread
3000 on black 2000 on red

The sound of the little metal ball
Suddenly stops, and now it will fall…
On Black! Yes! Black! 6000 now to play
1000 up to walk away
But why walk now, his luck is in
6000 on black again, let it spin…

The balls drops on 36 red, but then it bounces back
And lands of 15, YES! YES! YES! It's black!
12000, with 5000 back to work, 2000 in his account
That's a profit of 5000, a good amount
He gets his chips he's about to go
I'll just put 100 on zero

And would you believe it? Zero comes in
He's ecstatic, he's in shock, he's dreaming
15,600, in his head he's counting
he can't see another ball reeling
Or can he? Does he really have this ability?
To make money so easily?

Then finally! Thank the Lord! He sees sense
He can't take anymore of this suspense
Her cashes in his chips and goes home
Do his beautiful wife, his son, his throne
But what's this, 12 missed calls on his phone?
From his Boss, Mr Jerome

His head was a maze of questions and answers
One Text read " please see me tomorrow with Mr Sanders"
MR SANDERS!! He's the chief CEO
He looks at his money, he thinks of zero
He thinks of his wife, his son, his family
He just needs to pay back the money. Surely?

Within the meeting the following day
Mr Jerome and Mr Sanders say
"Money had gone from the safe yesterday"
And that sadly it was company policies way
To deal with all theft with a Zero Policy
And before he knew it he was in custody

He said he borrowed the money he was bringing it back
But they made enquires, about red and black
They saw everything on CCTV
Him at work, at the casino, it was plain to see
He stole for greed and his gambling addiction
He had no intention of paying it back, that was fiction!

They painted him a man on the brink of insanity
They said he stole for greed and his vanity
It was pay back but in a different way
He was being redundant and they would pay
He'd steal and gamble what he was owed
He was an addict and it showed

His wife and son sat silently in court
In her dress that he'd bought
His son cried throughout the case
Whilst he just sat with his hands in his face
He knew his fate, he knew he'd go
He lost it all! Everything, he was the zero
As the tears fell upon the photo…….

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