ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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The Prevaricator and Chief is lost in a self spun web of lies from which only truth can extricate him.

President DJ Trump is a veteran of hyperbole who has mastered the articulation of deceit on a professorial level.

Distinguishing himself as a legitimate son of the Devil explains his meteoric rise to the ameriKKKan presidency.

With the innate cunning of a canine this real-estate mongrel, this mogul of Manhattan victoriously and at times viciously

Growled, snarled and fought his way link by link to the top of the political dog eat dog food-chain of power politics,

To become the undisputed Top Dawg of DC and World-wide Government backed Racial, religious and sexual Bigotry,

White Power!
Say it again...
White Power!
Say it again...
White Power !...
Yes, White Power Will make amameriKKKa grest agsin... Today,Tomorrow and Forevermore.
We finally got our country back!
Yeee Haaa.
Go back to Africa,
Go back to Asia,
Go back to South America,
Go back to India,
Go back to Puerto Rico,
Go back to Haiti,
Go back to Dominican Republic,
Go back to the Philippines,
Go back to China,
Go. back to Korea,
Go back to Samoa,
Go back to Fiji,
Go back to Solomon Islands,
Go back to Indonesia,
Go back to Malaysia,
Go back to Cambodia,
Go back Go back Go back


Habib Abu Lateef

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