Essay: The Incompatibility between Truth and DJ Trump

Only a psychopath of the highest degree would unscrupulously lie with no remorse to those enamored by his deceit.

President DJ Trump has manipulated the minds of the masses who support him by using the xenophobic language of 20th century eugenicist to appeal to their baser nature...

In an effort to promote and propagandize the philosophy of white supremacy, and it has worked out marvelously for him.

In the year 1776, nearly half of the households in Manhattan NYC New York State, where Trump Towers would some day be, owned enlaved Africans...

And there were more slaves in the colony of New York than in the State of Georgia. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey all had enslaved Africans.

Some of the Founders considered slavery a horrendous travesty of justice and thought to eventually do away with it;

However, not through integration but through expulsion from the United States as through the American Colonization Society and establishment of the West African Nation of Liberia but never living with them in full equality.

Real Americans were always considered to be white people of European ancestry. Real Americans were never meant to be of African ancestral lineage, Pacific Island roots, Asian ancestry or even Native American ancestry.

Trump knew this. Trump knows that the United States of AmeriKKKa was created by white people for white people.

The first main influx of Chinese immigration to the United States was during the 19th century when they worked as super low paid laborers on the transcontinental railroad and in the mining industry.

Like the Native American and the Africans they suffered racial discrimination at every level of white supremacist ameriKKKan society.

While white businessmen were eager to get this new cheap labor force the ordinary white man looking for work was as mad as hell by the presence of this "yellow peril."

Political parties and labor organizations rallied and protested against the immigration of what they regarded as a degraded race.

Newspapers condemned the hiring policies of employers and the godly white church leaders denounced the entrance of these aliens into what they regarded as a land for whites only.

Trump is no genius; however, he knows the inner machinations of the hearts and minds of Real ameriKKKans.

The forty-fifth president of the United States of ameriKKKa garnered a little over forty-five percent of the vote to win the 2016 presidential election.

Many people took to the streets to protest his inauguration and the next day millions of women in ameriKKKa and millions of women worldwide took to the streets to peacefully protest DJ Trumps presidency but the question remains, "where were they on election day 2016 ?"

One thing we know for sure is that the Real ameriKKKans are happy that they finally got their country back.

Now, all they have to do is figure out what to do with all those others.

Where is the American Colonization Society when you need them?

Can you really trust the promises of an inveterate lier like President DJ Trump to restore ameriKKKa to a state of greatness when such a state in ameriKKKa has never really existed?

The truth with DJ Trumps vacillates somewhere between a lie and balderdash.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Essay: The Incompatibility between Truth and DJ Trump