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FAITH, ---and---- FORGIVENESS Is a challenge, to be strong, and FAITHFUL,-- to --FORGIVE, --another,-- when-- they-- hurt-- you,--and-- made --you --feel, --so-- much, --lower, --and --LESS

With--- MERCY,--- GRACE,--- and,--- UNDERSTANDING With --FAITH, --LOVE, --and --COMMITMENT, --we --do-- not-- FORGIVE, --for-- ourself, --we-- do --not --FORGIVE, --for-- any --other, --but-- we --FORGIVE, --for-- our --JESUS, --our-- SAVIOR, --our---HOLY--, king --of ---KINGS

We -hold -onto,- our- hurt, -pain,-and -hate,-- we -only -harm -ourself, -and -hinder -our- health, -wealth, -and -happiness,-- keeping -us -from -being --and -becoming -our-- very, --very,-- best --of --our-- BEST

We --PRAY, --to --FORGIVE --us --our --trespasses, --that --we --have --done --to --others, --as --we --humbly --PRAY,-- as --we --FORGIVE, --those --who --have-- TRESPASSED,-- against -- US
With FAITH, and FORGIVENESS, humbly we Bow our head to PRAY, and in our GOD, we TRUST

By john d Jungers
25th of January 2017

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