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Proof (from Aleppo)

The soldiers are coming
Let me check again
I can show them my school books
I can show them the papers I need to grade
I guess I can show them the Bible
I just hope this is the one
That they are looking for
I can hear the shouting
As they enter the house next door
Panic sets in
I check again
My wallet
My driver’s license
Every ID I have
Is sitting on the table
Still these words burn their way through
My brain
Hopefully this will be enough
How can a person ever hope to prove
That they are not a terrorist
Please God
Let this be enough
It wasn’t
They dragged him into the street
And shot him
In front of his family
Ed Roberts 01/29/17
Unfortunately, this story has been replayed over and over, most casualties of war are people just like you and me.

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Proof (from Aleppo)