ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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During the Spring the ground is turned and prepared to receive the seeds and in the Summer months we witness the miracle of growth. Fall arrives and its time to reap the fruits of our labor.

The next four years in ameriKKKa is predicted to be years of drought because the Sun's life giving rays cannot penetrate the non-productive dark cloud of continental proportions that originated in New York and now has enveloped the District of Columbia the East Coast and beyond.

No Spring, no Summer, nothing good to be harvested. It appears that from now on there will only be Winter in ameriKKKa .

Our reality is… there is no way to finess this, blind men are being led by a deciple of the Dark Prince,

Like a triple canopy forest with all its starkness, even at high noon they are loss in layers of darkness,

Truth, freedom, justice and fairness has been dumped as we enter the era of DJ Trump,

Liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been Trumped through political chicanery... as politicos dump...

Lie upon lie as they stump for the candidate of their choice...

Mesmerized by the beguiling whisper of the serpentine voice of the progenitor of hate...

Bad hair, bad conduct and bad language oozes from the mouth of Manhattan's mad mogul of real estste,

Peddler of Chinese made products that bare his shameless and hypocritical name, doing away with people's rights is a main component of his vile game,

Advocating governmental support for white Xristian radicalization... Sanctioning ethnic Intimidation and religious separation,

All in a white supremacist effort to make ameriKKKa great again... something many think it has never been,

ameriKKKa is headed for s disastrous situation when immigrant and American born Muslims are singled out for a Trumpian Inquisition,

Through a constant campaign of lies and "alternate truths" the disciples of Trump seem to have come to the conclusion that it's time for a Nazi type final solution,

Although DJ Trump's, patrilineal ancestry is German , this ain't 1930's Nazi-Germany ...

And as long as there is a United States Constitution there will always be a second amendment solution to address malfeasance and tyranny...

Icy, cold, wintry days all year long seem to signal a scarcity of crops from Trumps Harvest of Hate.


Habib Abu Lateef
© 2017

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