a new era

~* Scouse-Nouse *~
Oh, how things have changed since I was a boy
Playing in the middle of the street with a tin plate toy
We never had to worry about a speeding driver
Or motor cyclists acting like speed way rider
And if someone was riding a bike they’d ring a bell
And all us kids would scatter and run like hell
Us boys played football or had a game of ollies
The girls played skipping or with their dollies
Tuck their dresses in the knickers and do hand stands
We’d squeeze tar bubbles and get it all over our hands
And more often than not we’d get it all over our knees
We’d go to princess park and have fun climbing trees
Or to the jockey sands but we never had bucket n spade
Toys were expensive so what we had were hand made
If you were lucky to have a sister grown out of her pram
You’d make a steery with the wheels and go as fast as you can
Or go down to the washhouse and carry washing for a penny
Where you could buy a toasted crust off a woman named jenny
We’d buy a penneth of broken biscuits from Woolworths
Or a penneth of fades from across the road at Waterworths
I remember at school getting a badge as a milk monitor
Didn’t last long I had it taken off me for running in the corridor
Tommy next to me farted and cos I laughed I got the blame
I got sent to the headmaster who gave me detention and the cane
When I got home me auld fella found out and give me a thick ear
Then told me it’s bread n water for your tea tonight do yea hear
When I told me mam she said he’s only kiddin leave him to me
Mam said act like your sulking when you’re shouted for your tea
I thought every woman in our street was my real auntie
I could knock on any door and ask for a drink or a jam butty
There are so many more of these stories I could tell to you
Believe me when I tell you, that what I’ve just written is just a few
Written by Jon Fisher

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~* Scouse-Nouse *~

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