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“The Girl”
He couldn’t go back outside again,
He had already walked around the block once,
And pretended to check the mail twice,
All within the last 30-minutes.
But he so wanted just to see her,
Even if she was just walking by across the street.
He had already spent the last hour,
Staring out his living room window.
His friends from school,
Wanted him to sign into his X-Box account,
But hoping she would pass by today,
He had told them he had homework.
He couldn’t sit still any longer,
So he got up again,
And walked outside to the family car.
Looking up and down the streets,
Hoping any second he would see her,
Bouncing down the sidewalk,
With that little Chihuahua dog,
Double timing its steps,
To follow closely behind her.
He has seen her for the 1st time,
2-weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon.
Then again last week,
While taking the bus home from school,
Both times between 3 & 4pm.
Each time with that tiny little dog,
Trotting closely beside her.
She looked to be about his age,
But she didn’t go to his school,
That he was sure of.
He walked back inside,
Unable to continue the façade,
Of looking through the family car,
For some unknown lost item.
Who was she?
What was her name?
He let his memory run through,
Those 2-clips of her,
Walking down the sidewalk,
Different days,
Different outfits,
Same dog,
Over and over again.
He liked comparing her look,
From the 1st time he saw her,
To the 2nd time.
The big difference being,
Shorts and sneakers,
Vs jeans and boots.
He never was able to choose,
One look over the other though,
She was just so damn cute in both.
But why hadn’t he seen her today?
Was he wrong about the time and day?
He takes one last look,
Out the big window,
Before collapsing on to the sofa,
Disappointment written all over him.
The setting sun is now,
Filling the big window,
With direct sunlight,
As his mother comes in,
And closes the shades.
He doesn’t even protest,
He feels defeated,
And just walks to his room,
And turns on his X-Box.
He’s got friends waging war,
Against orcs in middle earth,
And other friends fighting for their lives,
Against a group of brain thirsty zombies.
He puts on his gaming headphones,
And jumps into battle against the orcs.
The sounds of metal,
Clashing against metal,
And the shrieks of dying orcs,
Fills his headset.
Drowning out the shrill barks,
Of a little Chihuahua dog,
Trying to catch up to,
A beautiful young girl,
Dressed in a pleated skirt and heels,
Walking past his house,
Across the path,
Of the rays,
Of the setting sun…
 Tom Allen…01-28-2017…