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With a new poem written, and put into--RHYME Its a sense of accomplishment, that leaves me feeling accomplished and successful, and happy every--TIME
Sometimes when i--WRITE Either in the day light, or way past--MIDNIGHT
To create and make a poem, gives me great--DELIGHT Many times i will be inspired to write when something, --anything comes to my --HEART--and --MIND--and if i dont write it i will lose it,-- be it anywhere any place, day or--NIGHT
But-- right--here--right--NOW I just decided that i want to write a little poem,--ANYHOW
So my --THOUGHTS-- are put to --RHYME--and --REASON And i love to write about anything, any place, or reason, in any and every--SEASON
But-- ALWAYS ,--what-- is --my --SINCERE --GOAL, --MISSION,--- QUEST---and----true--WISH Is -to -be -POSITIVE,- ENCOURAGING,- and -INSPIRING--, as -a -little -poem -just -like -THIS
My wish is to spread-- HAPPINESS-- LOVE--COMPASSION-- and --CHEER To --any --and --all, --every -where, --in --the --WORLD--FAR--and --NEAR With a new poem written, and put into--RHYME To ---send ---PEACE---, LOVE---and ---HAPPINESS--- to ---all, --in --my --life, --living, --and --love --I'm-- TRYING

By john d jungers

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With a new poem written