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Staying focused, on my mission, quest, and--GOAL Am continuing to march on, with a positive, steady--ROLL
I try not to talk about it, or think about it very--MUCH As am just rolling with it, every-minute, and hour and day as--SUCH
I know, what my mission, quest and goal, in my heart and mind, that is solidly,--SET And with focus,, commitment--and--resolve, , strength, stamina, and endurance--to reach my goal, and destination, im a determined, with an iron--will--to--achieve--and--GET
So the end is no where to be--SEEN I just gotta keep on a keeping on a rolling, ahead with a full head of--STEAM
Staying focused, on my mission, quest, and goals, and steady ahead i--STEAM If you think that you can, then you just-might, and anything is possible, --if--it--you --can --DREAM
What ---ever ---is ---your ---MISSION---QUEST---and ---GOAL Stay ---POSITIVE---BELIEVE---in ---YOURSELF,---and ---STEADY--- AHEAD---as ---she ---goes, ---NICE---and ---SLOW---with ---a ---STEADY---ROLL
By john d jungers

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Staying focused on my mission, quest, and goal