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Im heading back to Minnesota, and am-- here --at--the--airport--waitin on my FLIGHT
My brother is in the Mayo clinic, his health is not good, as he is in the ICU, so i will be there in the morning, by his side, to be sure he will be ALRIGHT

I flew from San Diego, now here to Vegas, and a two hour lay-0ver
So in a while will be heading to Minnesota, in the middle of winter--BURR

I hadn't, planned--to return, back home not until the SPRING
But with my brother now in ICU, back home to take care of him, this spirit airlines --me,-- will BRING

I will arrive, at --0549AM, --in the early Minnesota --MORN
Far away, from the San Diego, winter WARM

So i have a shuttle, picking me up at the air-terminal, and bringing me directly to the HOSPITAL, to see my brother
So, am just a waitin to board and get on the way, and, take care of ny brother, for he is my best friend in my life, living, and love, greater than any other

So i will, stay at his bedside
Just gotta finish up this here a plane night ride

He didnt even call me to let me-- KNOW
Because, he knows, me, and as soon as i find out im gonna drop everything and home to him i will GO

So soon i will be there
And i will assure he gets perfect care

Im anxious now to get in the AIR
And get back to my brother in Minnesora and take good care of him, over THERE

By john d Jungers

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Headin back to minnesota