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Looking for your beautiful face
Thinking you will be there on such an important day
A day full of free food
Knowing you wouldn’t miss it
Memories flooding me from the past
Every time we hung out
for fifteen years worth 
Especially when we hung out most of this day
Not even five months ago
A day only about how to be successful
Now every Student Success Day will be only memories of you
Just waiting for you to show up
Scared if I leave I’ll miss seeing you
Being the one of the last to leave
Realizing you can’t come physically anymore
You were here in spirit all day
Looking down on me
Longest time ever since I have been able to see you
Two months and two weeks and six days
Still unable to stop looking for you
Five days a week whenever I’m on campus
Knowing no matter how hard I look I’ll never find you
Until it’s my time

Wanting to have peace
missing you too much
Trying to move on
I’ll always remember you
I’ll see you when it’s my time

Until then

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Looking for you