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Falling into the arms of love

With Valentine's Day only days away,

Love is very much in the air. In fact

Love is everywhere, in the shops, on

The telly, on the wireless and oh, so

Very much on the mind.


There is nothing in the world quite like

Love and nothing in the world quite as

Inspiring as a beautiful woman. I saw

One yesterday in a printed cotton frock,

And for a moment time stood still and in

The silence of uncertainty I momentarily

Knew again the 'hit' that comes when

The eyes meet and the heart stirs.


Such is the power of love - not easy to

Define or refine. 'One man's meat is

Another man's poison' and 'Beauty is in

The eye of the beholder' and that said,

We can move on to a time perhaps when

One knows something has happened,

But precisely what is not clear, until 'love'

Has had a chance to mingle in the mind

Permeating the senses to arrive at the

Only conclusion possible - when without

Warning the truth finally dawns.


A thrilling experience and one that has

No equal, for what could be better than

Waking up to love, stirring to the eyes

Of a beautiful woman, to a heart that

Beats only for you and to lips that long

For your lips? No, try as I might, there is

Nothing I can think of that comes even

Close to falling into the arms of love.


And so it has always been for me. I never

Tire of a glance that stops me in my tracks,

Makes me wish I was ten years younger,

Makes me think, makes me wander, and

Makes me write; and it will always be true,

At least of my pen, for no matter where

It takes me - a pretty woman led the way.


© Joseph G Dawson