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In another hour, and twenty minutes, we will ARRIVE
For me, here on, another, jammed, packed, and stacked, crowded, spirit airlines flight,i shall--SURVIVE

Im feeling, very weary, slow, and LOW
But its beautiful, looking out, my window seat, and seeing, rocky mountains SO

This is suppose to be a three hour, and five minute--FLIGHT
I know, im exhausted, very tierd, and just dont feel quite RIGHT

I know, that my REST, quickly, i need to Catch up on, and GET
Otherwise, my mission, quest, plan and goals, will fail, fall, and falter, and i will-have-- REGRET

So slow,but sure, this flight, and ordeal, i will ENDURE, with the end soon, in final destination--SIGHT
And just gotta keep on a fighting, the good--FIGHT

By john d Jungers

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In another hour or two