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This mornin, finally, im starting to feel, much--BETTER
I realize, i have been pushing myself pretty hard, trying to be there for everybody,everywhere, for --SURE

So im being wise, staying down, motionless, and maxin, and --RESTIN
My rest and recovery, health, fitness, and well-being, --i --know --that --i --gotta --conquer---and----WIN

Puree chicken soup, i have had--SOME
To --beat--and--combat-- this-- cold --and --congestion--, from --the --cold-- symptoms, --cough, --chills,---and--- fever, --that-- in --Minnesota, --had--started--and---BEGUN

Yesterday, i felt so exhausted rhe complete night and day
But here i am on an early, morn, up very early already with the sipun anyway

My voice yesterday was very coarse and--HOARSE
But now this early morning, i do feel, progress and my health is coming --right--back--on-- COURSE

As im writing, my nose, is running, but thats--GOOD
Because all day thursday, and friday, my nasal, was, so pressured, stuffed up, uncomfortable, and clogged, now its at least --loose--and--RUNNING--as --it ---SHOULD

So when we get sick, and under the weather
We know the basic things, that are best for us, for sure

REST, RELAXATION, stay -WARM, and plenty of WATER, and oh yes, the old child hood,--passed-- down-- remedy---, of ---HOT--CHICKEN-- SOUP
Will do the tirick and help you, --RECOVER-- and-- RECOUP

Then--- of ---course--- vitamin ---C
Is --the-- vitamin --in --oranges --mostly-- that-- is --so--beneficial-- to --you --and --ME

So i gotta continue, to---REST
So i can continue, my mission, my quest, my goals, to be and become my very best of ny very --BEST

By john d Jungers
11th of February 2017

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This mornin, finally im startin to feel better