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“Looking At You”
He said,
“I love looking at you”,
Right after saying it,
He knew it was a mistake.
He had been wanting to tell her,
For almost a year,
He liked her.
He knew she would be at the party,
Most of the people from work were going.
But he had never planned on,
Saying that to her though,
“I love looking at you”.
It just sort of slipped out,
As they were both,
In the kitchen grabbing a beer.
She gave her head a little bit of a tilt,
And gave him a smile,
As she made her one word reply,
She didn’t really think much about it,
He was far from the first guy,
To remind her of her physical beauty,
With some odd off the cuff statement,
Fired point blank,
Out of nowhere,
Though not usually quit so stalkeresque.
She grabbed a Corona lite,
Out of a bucket of ice,
And was ready to,
Move on with the night,
No harm, no foul,
He was always a pretty sweet guy.
He had said it to himself a 1000-times,
“I love looking at you”,
Right after talking with her at work.
But even he wasn’t sure,
What he meant by it.
Still he felt he had to try and explain,
“I don’t mean I love looking at you,
Cause your pretty”,
“I just love looking at you”.
She tilted her head back,
And dropped the smile.
“OK” she said,
He just took 2-giant steps,
Away from sweet guy,
Towards closet stalker.
Why do they always feel,
They have to try and explain.
It’s bad enough I get blindsided,
With some desperate,
For attention compliment,
I have no reply for.
But now I can feel,
A power point presentation coming on,
I knew I should have just grabbed,
One of the Bud lites off the table,
In the other room,
But Damn I hate warm beer.
This is going sideways fast,
If I can only make her understand,
Save what little standing,
I have left in her eyes.
She felt trapped,
Was the kitchen always this small?
Won’t someone come to my social rescue?
I’d even be happy to see,
That old guy,
That won’t stop staring at my ass.
“OK Then”,
I’m just going to go,
Into the other room now,
I’ll see you at work on Monday.
“No Wait”,
You have to understand,
I see things in you,
Others don’t see,
You’re so much more,
Than just another Hot body,
In 6-inch heels,
You’re special,
Now she’ll know,
I see so much deeper,
When I look at her,
Than just her looks,
I see the real person.
He’s got to be kidding,
Some boy at a 6th grade school dance,
Said that to me word for word,
Except for the 6-inch heels part,
And a 100-others since.
Why do they always feel,
Like they alone,
Have some superpower,
That allows only them,
To see the real me.
“OH, that’s so sweet”,
“Ok then, Monday”
He nods yes.
And I think I’ll take,
Two more of these Coronas with me,
Save me a walk.
As she nervously laughs,
Grabbing 2-more beers,
On her way to the next room.
He takes a long drink,
Off his luke-warm Corona lite,
A look of satisfaction on his face,
I can’t wait for Monday,
I bet she is going to see me,
Totally different now.
She let out a breath,
She felt like she had been holding in,
For a very long time.
Ok then,
Note to self,
No more going to parties,
With the people I work with.
Remember to ask my roommate,
If I can borrow her Taser,
Just for the next week or two.
Why can’t they just tell me,
I look Hot,
And leave it at that.
She catches her reflection,
Out of the corner of her eye,
On a large sliding glass door.
Turning towards her reflection,
She looks herself over,
While finishing her beer.
“Is it a blessing,
Or a curse”,
She thinks,
As she pops the top off,
One of the remaining 2-beers.
Some cute guy,
Calls out to her,
She turns to face him,
See’s he’s not half-bad looking.
You don’t work at the plant,
Do you?
Just a friend of a friend.
Do you have any special superpowers?
With a puzzled look on his face.
Her eyebrows rise,
As she walks over,
In her 6-inch heels,
And hands him,
The other beer…
         Tom Allen…02-10-2017