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Today, for me there is going to be, alot of stress, and --PRESSURE
And im praying, to stay, quiet,slow, steady, and calm for--SURE

My words will be very careful, guarded, and--CLOSE
As today, their will be visitors to--HOST

So most all my kids are here in vegas at my daughters--HOME
Just the three other kids, are in California-- ALONE

So --i --am --gonna,-- today-- some-- time --probably --this --afternoon --come --to --MEET
The new boy friend of my ex-wife, so the kids are kinda in shock and awe, but as i told , them all,, and--HER-- im happy for --HER-- and really, not meaning to be, selfish for myself, --but my hope and prayer, --is she gets married, --finds her happiness, --and --my --alimony --support--will --be --done --for --her ---ended--and---over, --and --i --will --feel, --FREE--great-- and --ELITE

So for me myself and I, not much do I, require or --seek--want--or--NEED
I am very humble, thrifty, and help all --others--the best that i can, --really more than i can, --cause im in deep credit card debt man, --im --far --from, --selfishness --and --GREED

So --this --day, --today,-- i --shall-- ENDURE
My hope, is that this boyfriend if hers,-- is for real, --and will take care of her, ----HAPPILY--and--FINANCIALLY--FOREVER-MORE

She-- tells-- me --that-- i --need --to ---DATE
Before-- im --too ---OLD, ---and --its --too----LATE

I --told-- her-- maybe-- when-- im --sixty --five,-- another-- person, --i --will --come--to--MEET
Who-------- will-------- make-------- ME-------- feel -------great --------and -------ELITE

I --told-- her-- first, --and --foremost--that--, i --must --LOVE, --ME, --MORE

So -thats- it, -as -i --JUST--took --a --DEEP--BREATH--, and-- let --it --GO
So am focused, and ready, to suck it up, --and --stay --calm, --cool, --collective, --and --LOW

From -what -ive -heard -of -this -GUY- he -is -NICE
But as we-all know, --and understand, ---is the fact --that nobody-- is perfect, --and --we --all --have -- our good--and--bad, ---and--ugly --habit --or --VICE

So really, my hope, is for her, that he is the --ONE
And they get married, so i can care for my children, and my grand children, and save all i can, to get my --grand-- kids, --in college, and bring them to disney- land--, and have FUN

She is always wanting, and looking for--MORE
WE--have --seven-- children--, and-- four-- grand-- daughters--, to --me --and--fir--me--what-- more--ABUNDANT--- BLESSINGS---, could-- i --ever --want--WISH----FOR

So --still--, this-- all,-- sets --me --a---BACK
And --i --just --gotta-- suck --it --up--, and --stay --right --FAITHFULLY--PRAYERFULLY--POSITIVELY--RIGHT-- on --TRACK

Its --such-- of --a --weird --PREDICAMENT-- i --cannot-- DENY
And -----its -----bothering -----me -----ALOT----- i -----can--not---LIE

By john d Jungers
11th of February 2017

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Today for me, there may be some pressure