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Am FEELIN, LOW, SELF, --ESTEEM Feeling like a locamotive train, with no energy --it, --SEEMS
WE--are the ones, who--HAVE-- to,-- pick --OUR-- own selves--UP--and --pat --OURSELF-- on --OUR---BACK WE--alone, have to be the ones, to keep --OURSELF-- right on the POSITIVE--RIGHT--MOTIVATING--TRACK
No one can pick--YOU-- up, encourage--YOU--or make --YOU--feel any better, than --YOU--YOURSELF-- ALONE FIRST--and-- FOREMOST--, deep --RESPECT-- to --your --OWN-SELF-- has --to --be --FELT--and ---SHOWN--and---KNOWN
For,- no -matter -who--YOU--are,--WE--ALL--are -works -in--PROGRESS WE---HAVE --to --BE----THE -----CHAMPION-----of --OUR--OWN---DESTINY--FUTURE--, HEALTH,-- FITNESS, --WELLNESS--LONGEVITY,-- and --WEALTH,-- and --WE, --have -to -be --the --ONE--to --put --OURSELF-- UP--on --a --PEDESTAL--, and ---really--KNOW-- the --TRUE--CHAMPIONS---WHO--WE--ARE--and --TREAT, --OURSELVES-- the --utmost ---at--OUR--VERY--VERY--BEST--of--the--BEST
By john d Jungers
11th of FEBRUARY 2017

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Am feelin LOW--self--esteem