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A world of possibilities 
The sky being the limit
options upon options neverending options
One option is the one forever
The one option that parents are afraid of
The option has a smaller probability of death than getting in a car
The one option many are afraid of
The one option many take for granted 

Bring set one this one option for years 
Not having a shred of doubt 
Relatives and immediate family trying to talk me out of it
not understanding why 
Assuming facts which are wrong
getting up to five texts at once about how they hate the idea
Standing up for my dream, also what I believe is my calling
Starting to act on what I I've been thinking for years

Talking to my friends and some of my old teachers that knew me pretty well
All of them almost instantly supported me
Along with my decision 
Being told that they will work on my parents 
to help change their minds 
Several did the option I am set on doing

The option is to enlist in the military
where I will find structure and discipline 
change my life for the better 
Not afraid of what might happen 
The worst that could happen is I die serving my country
or I get a general separation in training
Not afraid of the worst case
third, to worst is being deployed

Hearing the words
Enlist or family 
pick one you dont get both
putting off my decision as long as possible
scared of picking one ill regret
paralyized in time and space 
I am simply existing not living 

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One option out of millions