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I ---NEED ---you ---NOW---oh--DEAR--LORD
I need to have --YOU-- here by--MY--side, to calm--ME--soothe --ME--and --COME--on--BOARD

Itsabirthday party, and happy atmosphere
But im breaking down, and aching i FEAR

Just listening to some old songs, is-causing-- ME--to --TEAR
As, love, and support, admiration, and respect from another, i have --NO-ONE-- close to --ME--or --NEAR

I --need --YOU, --oh --my --DEAR--LORD
I feel as stiff, and as stressed as a-- BOARD

Its --cloudy,-- and --chilly --in --the --DESERT,-- this --DAY
And --DEEP--within,-- my --HEART--, BODY--and --SOUL--, i --FEEL--CHILLY--, and --COLD--, to --the --BONE, --in --every,-- --which,-- a--WAY

Oh --dear-- LORD, --I--REALLY --am --CRYING --out --to --YOU,-- and--- I---NEED---YOU---NOW
Come into, my life, living, and love, --CALM-- ME--SOOTHE-- ME--and --COMFORT---ME-----oh ---DEAR--LORD, -----NOW-----SOME--HOW

Im --just-- trying --to --make--it--through--and--SURVIVe,-- this --here, --ORDEAL
I -----cant----- even----- explain------ to ------any------other ------just ------EXACTLY-------HOW-------I-------FEEL

I --told --my --daughter--,a--few-- minutes --ago, ------if -----I------AM-------GOING-------TO-------BE-------ALRIGHT
I --told --her --i --have --allot-- on --my --HEART-- and-- MIND--and --im-- doing ---MY--BEST---to --be --ALRIGHT--, and --STRONG--and--FIGHT--THIS--FIGHT

I told her, if im not, OKAY, i may have to GO, outside and get --AWAY
Thats --why-- NOW--, simply, --im --writing --this --little-- POEM, --as --I--PRAY

To help me handle, this stress and pressure, to suck it up, and MAKE--it--THROUGH

I cant, let, anyone here,-- know my hurt, ---and deep,--- HEART-ACHE,-- and PAIN
Thats --why-- oh --dear --LORD,-- im --PRAYING--to--YOU--THE--SAME

By john d JUNGERS
11th of FEBRUARY--2017

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I --need --you,-- NOW,-- oh,-- dear--LORD