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I --feel --very --EMPTY
Right --now --i --feel,-- very --EMPTY, --TOTALLY--and--COMPLETELY,

Am ---feeling ---EMPTINESS
And ---low, ---and ---STRESSED

But --I'm-- thankful--, that --i --made --it --through-- this----DAY
And --no --one --realized, --how --difficult-- that-- it --was-- for-- me --in --every-- WAY

But through --PRAYER
I felt BLESSED, beyond COMPARE

In -the -nick -of -time-, a -dear- friend, -came- to -my--SIDE
And- i -was -able -to -honestly- to -them ---my -heart -feelings--CONfIDE

This- to -say -the -least, -was- a -most -challenging-, and -trying --DAY And- it -has -left, -me, -feeling--very --EMPTY--in--EVERY--WAY
By john d Jungers 11th of FEBRUARY 2017

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I feel very EMPTY