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Potty time SUCCESS
For my two year old grand--daughter, isabella--who is really trying her very--BEST

Sometimes she will SAY
Sometimes we have an ACCIDENT, but thats OKAY

Just a few minutes AGO
She was with me playing in her play room, busily, and she said to me--GRAND-PA, its POTTY-TIME, and ive got to--GO

Potty time SUcCESS
Is what she just accomplished at her BEST

She sat there patiently, as we read her favorite, halloween book, her and ME
Then in a few minutes she was excited to get up, and-said, look grand pa what i did, SEE

And it was successs, her potty--TIME With great results her smile so proudly did--SHINE
I told her, mommy and daddy, they are going to be so very very--PROUD Then we both danced-and sang together the potty dance song--ALOUD
I told her dont flush the toilet, just--YET Lets go show, mom and dad, and them come and--GET
But she was-too, excited and flushed it down the toilet,--QUICKLY--ANYWAY But grand-pa, told mommy, and, daddy, and they, were--so, --very --very --proud of her little girl --wirh --her ---POTTY--TIME--SUCCESS--TODAY
By john d JUNGERS
14 th of February 2017

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Potty-- time --SUCCESS