One last Bon Bon

True love became the prize he sought
A treasured find before time caught
Up with him and his sweetheart
A fairy tale, of sorts, a part

A part of him no longer here
Soul mate, beloved who calmed his fears
Of living life upon her leave
As illness claimed, upon her feed

There was a time before the end
Was filled with laughter as time did lend
Picnics, a ride on carousels
A ring diamond on finger tells

She was his all and he was too
Her prince charming, her heart he wooed
Flowers hed pick to place in hair
Once gold now silver as time once spared

He walks this day to say goodbye
To heart once his with heartfelt sighs
Eyes filled with tears feared now goodbye
Would be his last with eyes shut wide

Placing his hand on face gone cold
He strokes her cheek once pink time stole
Leaning to kiss what made him whole
His world, his loss, love turned to woe

Before leaving her grave hed place
A savored piece of life that traced
Back when chocolates brought to life
One last Bon Bon hed share with wife

One last Bon Bon

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One last Bon Bon