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An outing at the PARK
Has little BELLA, tuckered out, head, toe, shoulders and every PART

For over two hours, we jumped and climbed, ran, and PLAYED
And a. New three year old little girl, and friend and play mate she MADE

They ran together, sang tofether, screamed, up and down the big silde, ran on the soccer field hude and seek, then on tbe swing back abd firth, sat and had a picnic tivether, if heakthy snacks, tripped and stumbled a few ti es and made a special memory and FRIEND
But BELLA, had a hard tim saying good-bye THEN

She just didnt want the day to END
She wanted to p,ay and play, all day long with her new cherished and treasured FRIEND

It was nice fir my daughter too
As the little girls mommy, now seems to be a great friend for her soecial and NEW

Bella, she has been, napping, for nowalmost three hours already, sound asleep
Nowi can here, her talking to her on the baby mo itir with her mommy, and her exciting, peep

So in awhile she will com running out here again where i am, on the couch, and talk about her adventures, and fun, that she had
The time we soent at the park, was the best, now such ahappy memory this little todker in her heart ,will forever cherrich, and im just as GLAD

By john d JUNGERS
14 th of February 2017

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An outing at the PARK