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An outing at the-- PARK Has little BELLA, tuckered out, head, toe, shoulders and every-- PART
For over two hours, they, ---jumped ---and ---climbed,---- ran,--- and ---PLAYED And -a.- New -three -year- old -little -girl,- and -friend --and -play -mate --she --happily--MADE
They ran together, sang together, screamed, up and down the big silde, ran on the soccer field --played, hide and seek,-- then on the, swing back and- forth, , sat -together, -and- had -a picnic --together, of healthy-- snacks,-- tripped --and --stumbled --and--tumbled--a --few --times, ---and --made --a --special-- memory --and --FRIEND But ---BELLA, ---had ---a ---hard ---time---saying--- good--bye ----THEN
She just didnt want the day to --END She wanted to play and play, all day long with her new cherished and treasured --FRIEND
It was nice for my daughter --TOO As the little girls mommy, now seems to be a great friend for her --special-- and --NEW
Bella, she has been, napping, for now-almost, three hours already, sound --ASLEEP Now i, can here, her talking to her on the baby monitor, with her mommy, and her exciting,--PEEP
So in awhile she will come, running out here again where i am, on the couch, and talk about her adventures, and fun, that she --HAD The time we spent, at the park, --was the best, --now --such --a---happy, --memory --this --little --toddler, -- in --her --heart ,--will --forever --cherrish,-- and --im-- just --as --happy--and---GLAD
By john d JUNGERS
14 th of February 2017

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An outing at the PARK