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From my MOTHER, never did you, here, any word, of --NEGATIVITY
From her all that you, got, was a PURE-LOVING--HEART--of--POSITIVITY

MOM, never could she speak, a-harsh, word of --ANGER
But she would just say, oh well --that person, they probably, have problems much more than mine for--SURE

And she would, humbly, faithfully, gently-- SAY
Oh LORD, i will just PRAY, for them, --ANYWAY

We all are--set--back--and--AFFECTED
When we are side tracked, surprised, ambushed, and from another--DISRESPECTED

I try, to be --more --FAITHFUL, --and --PRAYERFUL,-- just --as --, my --MOTHER
As my MOM,-- never --aloud,-- could --she --ever --speak, --any --a --NEGATIVE, --WORD,-- about --any--OTHER

MOM,--stayed--in--constant --FAITHFUL---PRAYER Her --every --thought,-- care, --and --, concern, --with --the --good --LORD,-- she --would, --so,-- LOVINGLY----SHARE

By john d JUNGERS
15th of February 2017

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From my MOTHER, never did you here, any word of NEGATIVITY