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Its not what you GET, but its WHAT you GiVE
That will GIVE, you PURE, JOY, and unending, HAPPINESS, in your LIFE, LIVING, and LOVE, how you, DAILY--LIVE

When you REACH, out randomly, and do your BEST, to HELP--ANOTHER
By far, it is the greatest, grandest, feeling, of wellbeing,better than any--OTHER

When in total, secret, and seclusion, you reach out, and generously-- GIVE
You will be BLESSED, ABUNDANTLY--how you so--graciously--lovingly--generously--freely--heartfully, and compassionately--LIVE

For one could have and own, all of the wealth of the--LAND
But if for themselves, all for their very own, alone they greedily, boastfully keep, they will one day grow old, lonely, and sickly, and, weary, and slouch, when they --STAND

For when, ones heart, is full of --JOY,-- FUN--, and --HAPPINESS
As --you --grow --with --age, --you --will-- have --more-- wonderful-- blessings,-- even --wealthily, --you --may --own, --and --process,--materialistic --things --much-- the --LESS

Your --life, --living,-- and --love,-- will-- be --full-- of --JOY-- and --HAPPINESS When -you -develop, -a -daily-habit,- of -giving -all -you -can,- to -others, -lovingly, -generously, -and -heartfully,- excitingly, -at -your --BEST

By john d Jungers
16 th of February 2017

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Its NOT what you GET, but its WHAT you GIVE