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Is a gym, and place for kids, starting with toddlers, as beginners age group, where tumbling, climbing, playing and sharing, kids play together, in a structered, organized, with instructor setting, and their skills, of team work, listening, and working--together, in a fun environment, with song and dance they joyously WIN

Every thursday, bella goes there for FUN
She has learned so much, has so much enjoyment, and in so many ways her confidence, in gymnastics and dance, has been WON

Today, she decided to climb a seven foot railed wall
She kept going all of the way to the very, very, top, and wasnt even afraid a bit, that she would fall

She is plum tuckered out right now, and is sleeping sound
But it wont be too long, before she is awake, and full of energy, bouncing, and playing around

So i better get a little nap, before we begin again
Im pretty tierd now too, so i will rest now then

Before she would never attempt to climb, or even use her, arms, at all
I think she was timid, and shy , and afraid to fall

But today, she climbed that, seven foot wall
With no trouble or fear not what so ever at all

She is already awake
So thats the end of my break

So she is up and ready, to move , and play
So we have at least another five hours or so ahead of us in this day to sing, dance, wiggle, giggle, and have fun, in every-WAY

By john d Jungers
16th of February 2017

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