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The struggle, to lose, a POUND
Is the most, difficult, and trying challenge,--AROUND

Its just not an, EASY--TASK
When you lose a pound, you just have to take it, easy and slow, so the one pound loss, will--LAST

Its a challenge--SUPREME
To even lose a half of a pound, it--SEEMS

A person, just has to keep on, a trying, and --TRYING
And to stay true to yourself, with strickness, honesty, and sincerity, without cheating or --LYING

In a-twenty-four-hour time --FRAME
Only you, and you alone, know, the sacrifices and discipline, that you put forth, the --SAME

To lose a pound, is not an EASY--TASK
And if you lose it --too quickly and fast, that pound loss, will not matter and-- LAST

It takes great effort, and-- DISCIPLINE
To bask in the success, and glory, of even a one pound loss, that you triumphantly--WIN

By john d Jungers
16th of February 2017

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