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Im tierd, and I, just cant fall--asleep
I fall, asleep, for maybe an, hour or two, but wake up, as its not deep

So its still, very early--early--morn, at 0113
And its gonna be a --long --long--night ahead, before the sunrise is up and seen

Here in southern California, the weather forcasted, and warned, about a severe thunder storm
Way more severe, dangerous, and more windy, than the California norm

There is not a drop of rain, as of yet
So we will see, how much rain, and storm, tomorrow, that we do really get

So im gonna try to get some more sleep
And ---my ---hope--- is ---this--- time ---I, ---fall--- asleep, ---peaceful, ---restful, ---and ---very ---DEEP
By john d jungers
17th of February 2017

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Im tierd, and i just cant fall asleep