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She knew it had to be done,
But had no idea,
How to prepare for it.
It was only 3-days ago,
Her dog Max,
Broke free from her grasp,
And shot out into traffic.
The brief sound of the tires skidding,
Before that gut wrenching “THUD”,
Can’t be pushed out of her mind.
She sits alone at the shelter,
Her hand resting its weight,
On the dog’s bed,
While lightly touching its chest,
So she can feel,
Every one of its labored breaths.
The vet has talked to her,
Numerous times,
Over the last 3-days.
The young vet,
Pleaded with her,
To put the animal down,
But she just breaks down sobbing,
And wildly shakes her head no.
An older man,
A volunteer,
Talked with her yesterday.
The vet could see him hold her,
As she was wailing into his chest,
While softly nodding her head yes.
The vet agreed to wait,
Till the end of the day,
Before he took what was left,
Of the most precious life,
She had ever known,
In this world.
His breathing feels stronger today,
She tells the volunteer,
Who had come over,
To check on her.
It’s not Miss,
How I wish with all my heart,
It was,
But it’s not.
I’m sorry,
But you only have about an hour left.
He turned away from her,
Before she could see,
The tears running down the face,
Of a man,
Who couldn’t bear to take,
The shared pain,
Of what lay before them.
Max just laid there,
On his bed,
His unblinking eyes,
Staring back up into hers.
The vet quietly gave Max the shot,
As she stroked his soft coat,
Whispering “I Love You Max”,
Over and over again.
Max took what little strength,
He had left,
And turned his head,
So his tongue could reach her hand,
And he could lick her,
One last time.
His eyes never leaving hers,
As the weight of his head,
Slowly begun to be,
Too much for him to bear,
As it sunk on to its side.
She suddenly realized,
Her hand could no longer feel,
Max’s chest rise and fall.
The vet backed out of the room,
Leaving her alone with Max,
And her thoughts.
She closed her eyes,
While still whispering “I Love You Max”.
And under the low hum,
Of the fluorescent lighting,
Her Loving friend Max,
Was gone…
     Tom Allen…02-11-2017