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Living a distractionless lifestyle
Living--, simply, --humbly, --holistically, --spiritually,-- faithfully,-- lovingly,-- happily, --quietly, --silently, --joyously,-- and ---STRESS--FREE----meek, --and----MILD

Putting your attention, and energies, directly, in front of--YOU
To thine ownself, staying, --TRUE--and-- TUNE--with-- out-- any-- a --distraction, --TOO

Without even a single word out-aloud to another, -uttered, -mumbled, -said, -spoken--, or--MENTIONED

Enjoying, ---the ---very ---most--- simplest---PLEASURES--of--every--day--LIFE--in--all--THINGS
Staying-in tune with nature, really hearing the beautiful song, of a bird when it chirps, and-- SINGS

Listening to the flowing rivers, and the white water--streams
Looking, at the star-light,skies,with its breathtaking, beautiful--twilight-GLEAM

Listening, to the gentle winds, soothingly--BLOW
Feeling the warmth of the golden sun, in the summer, so brilliantly--SO

Seeing, experiencing, and feeling, the beauty of NATURE
In your life, living, and love, that --blessingly--miraculously--daily--will--OCCUR

Living a distractionless, simplistic--realistic--life--and--STYLE
Beautifully, humbly, spiritually, naturally, happily, joyously, meek, and--MILD

By john d Jungers
18th of February 2017

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Living a distractionless, lifestyle