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Saying --good-bye,-- to --little--BELLA
And --soon, --good-bye,-- to --her,-- i --gotta,--TELLA

She knows, that her grand -pa, loves her so--MUCH
In every which a way, and--SUCH

She knows, that grand-pa, will be back, to visit her very--very--SOON
And we will, sing again, together, a make up, nursery,-rhyme, and---A-- grand-pa, bella--goofy, and--silly--happy--FUNNY--TUNE

So --my --rest --now --i --know, --that ---ive-- gotta--GET
And --will-- be --back --playing-- here-- with-- little --BELLA, --very--quick--you--can--BET

By john d Jungers
19th of February 2017

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Saying ---good-bye, --to --little--BELLA