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My thoughts and emotions rise and fall.
clarity and confusion mingle, a sense of
emptiness and no recall. its quite
apparent I will always be single.

A bit of sadness wells up within me, a
feeling I've known long before, as it effort
lessly takes the lead. Realizing the word
love and deed can be misleading.

Images of what love looks and feels
like the ones I've held, briefly began to unfold.
How quickly their replaced, my mind starts
to race. Again my love was taken then sold.

I'm not sure how I'm suppose to feel, being 
forced to witness the redundancy of what
I had hoped I healed. Am I ever going to
experience what I hold so dear, omitting fear?

And who am I asking this too? No one I've  
known has ever understood much less had
a clue. ..The dreams never become reality
and no one to share without their superficiality

I'm cursed with authenticity, words meaningful
and true. Beckoning another its safe to believe, but
my words and their meaning are misconstrued. How
is that possible ? Honestly, I think it's rather rude.





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