lost and then found

Truly Blessed

No neglect in in this poem.
rest your soul on his grace.
bitter sweet are the memories.
and the water clean and sweet.
My dear you showed me.
that none in heaven could compare.
the soldiers singing softly.
read in the winters colder stare.
As Mormon things go on.
and sweet the majesty of song.
as we get along.
can't cast a doubt away I sing this song
belonging to the son of man.
who gave his life and showed a master plan.
as I sing about the singers wake.
beyond the stars the inter galactic break.
As far as the mind can transcend towards gods Kingdom as new man.
Create in me a new spirit one to chase away the old man.
And few are here to preform this as we sing about Jesus and Gods plan.
No need to be weary.
Souls are truly thinking about theories.
And sing a song of God Divine.
past intentions through true intents design.
And fullness of the gospel as he fills us up and we pray.
Freedom to share go slow or tears fair along majesties quarry.
Sing a song again Mormon friend.
My honor is as a man.
God could show us the universe.
And take away all the reverse.
side winders and spiders fill the land.
And I feel peace by the Rio grand.
never before beauty in a sunset.
And g
Gods children truly blessed.
Truly blessed,

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Truly Blessed

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