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Im trying my best, to ACCEPT, people, just as they--ARE
But when others, make you feel, less-than,-- its human nature--, to --stray --away --from --them----A--FAR

People --are --SO--different --in --every --which ---A---WAY
No -matter -what,- no -matter- where, no matter who,--and-- --come- what---MAY

Im ---TRYING--- to ---ACCEPT
Others,-- who-- i --felt --mistrust,-- with --graciousness, --and --understanding,-- and--- peace ----KEPT

Its -easy -for -a -person,- just -to -turn -and ----WALK--AWAY
From- any- other- that- they- felt -uncomfortable- with, -troubled, -different-- and----DISMAY

But its a challenge --SUPREME
To get along, with some others it---SEEMS

But --what --good-- is --it, ---just--- to ---LOVE, ---those --who--GREATLY--LOVE--US--TOO
It -is -a -challenge- of -your -metal, -grit,- faith-, strength-, courage- and- might,-- to -reach- out -in -graciousness-, understanding-, and -mercy,-- to ---LOVE---another-, especially-, when -they -made- you- feel -so -down-, hurt,- saddened -and---BLUE

Trying the best you can, to accept and --LOVE,-- others, just exactly, and a matter of factly, just as they ARE--the good, the bad, and the UGLY
Its --a --supreme-- challenge--, of --courage--, grit,-- faith--, and --strength, --for --you --and----ME
When --we --do --our --best,-- to --accept --others-- exactly-- as --they --ARE That -some- grace,- understanding-, and -respect,- one -day -will- be -returned- to -us, -in -favor,- and -we -will -be --BLESSED, --near, --and --FAR

It takes great courage to --FORGIVE It --takes--, a --better-- person, --to --live --graciously,-- understandingly--, --and --lovingly, --faithfully--Courageously----FORGIVENESS--GIVE
By john d Jungers
21st of February 2017

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Im trying to accept people just as they are